Superior - for your safety
  • IDC Medical Sharps Containers incorporate unique design features

  • Robust & practical to use. Quick
    & secure final locking system.

  • Comprehensive choice of sizes; containers with capacity from
    200ml to 60 litres.

  • IDC Sharps Containers are safe
    to use & transport.

  • Approved to AS4031/92 -
    Australian Standard.

  • Australian Standard conformity
    tests by independent  industrial inspection laboratory.

  • Quality Products, Competitive
    Pricing, Friendly Service.

Cytotoxic Containers

Cytotoxic Containers

For collection of Cytotoxic waste - disposable items such as sharps, swabs, gloves, givingsets and other contaminated material. Containers impermeable to fluids and 'safety-seals' when full.
Cytotoxic Containers - View

Steel Security Safes

Steel Security Safes

For Sharps Containers
Heavy duty steel casings featuring a tamper resistant design and lock. Highly visible, easy to maintain and available in a variety of sizes.
Steel Security Safes - View

Bio-hazard Waste Bags

Waste Bags

  • Clinical Waste Bags
  • Cytotoxic Waste Bags
  • Specimen Bags & more!

Waste Bags - View

Biological Spill Control 'Safetec'

Spill Kits

Spills do happen! But when they do, cleaning them up, especially if containing blood and/or other bodyfluids, is now as easy as picking up solids with our
Biological Spill Control Kits & Fluid Control Solidifiers - View

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